8 Steps To Become A Web Developer Without A Degree

Grant Darling
9 min readNov 11, 2021


So you want to become a web developer but you don’t want to spend the insane amount of money and years in school to do it? Well, I am here to tell you that this is very possible to do so! How do I know? Because I work as a web developer that never went to school for computer science or software engineering. So if you want to become a web developer without a degree, read on!

Let me start by telling you that many recent computer science grads that I have met are still confused about how to actually build software. After 4 years at a university. Don’t believe me? You can see my point here, here, and here.

Getting a computer science degree doesn’t make you a great developer, and while many really bright minds do go to university and come out with a lot of concrete fundamentals to help them land a great job, it certainly isn’t a necessity.

Advantage of Being A Self-Taught Developer

This also means that if you do actually know how to code, and can prove it, you are going to have a significant advantage over other competing interviewers. Being self-taught shows you are a passionate and hardworking self-starter that is capable of learning on the job.

In fact, even top tech companies like Facebook and Google hire employees without degrees. So why go to school?

Well, because it is easier to follow a structured path, get help from professors and colleagues, and have a piece of paper to show employers you know your stuff than become a web developer without a degree.

Although these are great benefits, it’s hard to look past the 4 year time and financial commitment when you can get to where you want to be faster and cheaper. In fact, most of what you learn on a computer science degree is meant to be theoretical jargon that will help prepare you for a master’s and Ph.D.

If that’s not what you are looking for, it really is a waste to get a degree. Not to mention, you can easily find this material online from top schools for free.

So with all my convincing out of the way, let’s walk through a step-by-step guide on how to land a job as a web developer without a degree!

Grant Darling

web developer based out of Toronto, Canada. www.thecodebytes.com