Best Programming Languages To Learn Data Structures and Algorithms

Grant Darling
5 min readOct 26, 2021


So you’ve decided to learn data structures and algorithms but you don’t know the best language to learn them with? Well, it’s actually a more complex answer than you might think. There is no one best programming language to learn these topics. However, there are definitely some languages that are better suited than others. Below we are going to list the pros and cons of some of the best programming languages to learn data structures and algorithms. Then list a few that we highly recommend you don’t use, followed by our top picks. So if you want to learn what the best programming languages to learn DS and algorithms are, keep reading!

Best Programming Languages To Learn Data Structures and Algorithms


High-level languages like Python, JavaScript, and Ruby are generally highly suggested due to their readability. They are also all very similar because they are dynamically typed and highly abstracted. If you are going to choose one of these languages, I highly recommend Python. If you only know and want to use JavaScript or Ruby, those could be good options to learn DS and algorithms as well.

Python is a great language to learn algorithms and data structures because it has a very clean, simplistic syntax that looks very similar to pseudocode. The simplicity of the language helps you to focus on writing the algorithm and less on the syntax necessary to do so. It is also generally much easier to understand how an algorithm works by looking at python code than looking at any other language.

A potential downside of Python is that it is dynamically typed, meaning you do not declare types in the syntax. Although this helps keep the syntax clean and readable, it can be more confusing for a beginner to understand what types are being used and for error-catching while writing code.


C is on the opposite end of Python and is a great choice for opposing reasons. The language is syntactically much more complex and you need to account for things like memory management (garbage collecting), pointers, and static typing. However, using C does bring the advantage of understanding…

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